Sleek & Simple

The intent of this was project was to create a porch addition to expand the living area of the house during the warm months of the year.  The space accommodates an area for cooking, dining and entertaining. The layout and finishes were chosen to flow with the interior of the home, creating a seamless extension of house.  The collar ties add a custom detail making this structure custom and unique.

The built-in kitchen is located directly outside the back door. A small veneer wall creates a separation from the kitchen to the dining table, while also doubling as a seat or serving area for the chef.

The ‘L’ shaped sectional is a cozy sitting area for the family to relax by the new concrete fire table, or to sit in the shade and watch the kids play in the backyard.

The structure is cladded in a PVC material which achieves the clean and simple look that the client was hoping for. The cladding material is also very low maintenance and will continue to look great for many years to come.

Although the client was really drawn to modern design, they wanted to make sure that the porch wouldn’t look out of place with the house. To achieve a look that met their aesthetic requirements, the structure was kept relatively traditional, but a modern flare was achieved with the addition of simple plantings, accents, and natural square cut stepping-stones.

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