Old World Charm

Intent was to meld a partially existing landscape with a stately urban brick home with a timeless feel. The long narrow lot was filled at the back with an existing natural play area, but required a bit of balance near the house in both function and aesthetics. First, we divided up the areas by function and slotted the pieces into each other and nestled them up to the house.  We wanted all the areas to be distinct yet feel connected, despite their differening humours.  The kitchen arcs over the dining area, with matching wood against the fence, helping to frame and add thin layers of texture to the space.  The opposing forces of the water feature and fire table are held in harmony by old world brick that seemingly extends out from the walls of the house itself.  

All in all, we love the way this design successfully weaves together numerous disparate yet complimentary elements into a cohesive, old world tapestry, that would not seem out of place in France, Spain , or your own back yard.

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