Hidden Haven

The main concept for this design was to create a modern, multi-level, space which would accommodate a pool and cabana into a wooded backyard.  The pool is nestled amongst the trees and is elevated at the far end as to not affect the grade around the trees.  The elevated corner of the pool and the abrupt transition from pool to natural forest, creates a very sculptural feel.  The clean lines and stark materials add to the modern style, while contrast and warmth is added with the warm tones of the IPE decks.  The design of the cabana adds to the modern feel.  The double roof design allowed us to provide shelter where needed without impeding on the second-floor windows.  The corner of the smaller flat roof is suspended from the beam of the larger roof above, which eliminates the need for a post.  This keeps unobstructed views to the pool and adds a modern architectural detail.  Under the cabana are the kitchen and bar, which are waterfall style concrete counters with IPE cabinets to tie the materials together. The steps and landings are broken up to create the desired level changes.  These level changes provide a very comfortable transition from the house to the pool and makes the house feel very connected to the pool even though there is about 30’’ of elevation change.  

The primary design challenge of this site was to create a modern, multi-level space accommodating both a pool and cabana without compromising the surrounding woodlot.  Nestled within the existing canopy careful attention was paid so as not to disturb the soil surrounding the pool.  The winning solution resulted in elevating a section of the pool above grade, in effect creating a striking sculptural contrast between the natural and built environment.  The resulting contrast complimented the client’s overall preferred modern aesthetic consisting of stark materials and clean lines.  The prominent use of Ipe deck boards however, ensured a cozy a warmth throughout the space that also complimented the traditional red brick of the house.

The cabana design further adds to the overall modern feel and gracefully connects the house with the pool.  Utilizing a unique architectural design, the cabana is able to provide needed shelter without compromising either ground level or second-story views.  By suspending the lower roof from the beam of the larger roof above no supporting post was needed and the open concept modern aesthetic was preserved.  Sitting under the cabana a luxurious kitchen and bar, with waterfall concrete counters and Ipe cabinets to the materials palette together.  The surrounding steps and landings were consciously broken up to create dynamic level changes that offer a comfortable transition from the house to the pool.  The result seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor spaces in spite of the more than 30” elevation change.

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