Dyad Falls

After evaluating 6 different Cambridge landscape companies this client contacted us to bring their vision of a modern landscape centered around water fountains to life in their backyard. Parged and tilt finished concrete walls create a border to lush planting beds while accommodating grade change and providing ample space for a minimalist themed lounging patio. The patio surface and steps are charcoal tinted concrete with 2"x 2" saw cuts simulating pavers as well as hiding control joints. The complex modern water feature includes a bank of foam jets, cascading spill ways, and a water wall. The turquoise-tinted water runs over a stainless steel water weir and into a charcoal coloured concrete rill designed to provide a soothing gurgling/trickling sound. An open style cedar pergola with steel rods was constructed on the lower patio to provide shelter for any entertaining or dining. On the opposite side of the property, behind the water feature are three privacy fences. Two were designed with wood framing and frosted glass inserts while the other was created using stainless steel framing and a textured steel insert. These were placed strategically to buffer unwanted neighbouring views. The transition from modern patio to a naturalized woodland forest-floor at the back of the lot is aided by the ample existing slope. A dry stack stone reading nook to one side with a small ornamental water feature provides seating and relaxation, as does a rustic fire-pit enclosed by log and boulder seating and woodland plants. The natural and modern areas are linked by an informal pathway of monolithic stone steps.

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