Double Dip

The goal of this project was to transform the existing decrepit landscape into a newly modern space with the purpose of entertaining family and friends. The clients also wanted a hint of ‘steam-punk’ incorporated into the overall theme.

To achieve the wants and needs of the client a new composite deck was installed with an angular form to maximize space on an already tight backyard with large setbacks. A swim spa was built into the deck and a secret hatch door was installed for any future maintenance. Large angled steps lead you from the deck down to the new random flagstone patio.

A large custom pavilion was installed over the patio to shelter users from the elements. Oversized rough Douglas Fir posts and beams were used along with some black powder coated steel bars to achieve the steam punk theme. Extensive engineering was involved to achieve the cantilevered look and reduce the need for an outside post. Tongue and groove cedar planks make up the ceiling of the structure along with LED pot lights. 3 pieces of sandblasted Eramosa stone acts as a bar area for users in the newly installed hot tub. Lastly a frosted glass privacy screen with LED colour changing lights separates the sitting area under the pavilion and the barbecue area of the deck.

Some existing plants and shrubs were salvaged during construction and were reused in the new low maintenance-planting plan. A new section of fence closes off the backyard for the homeowner’s dogs and a new gate was created with the use of steel bars to mirror the pavilion.

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