• Pool-Cabana-Landscape-Design Pool-Cabana-Landscape-Design Pool-Cabana-Landscape-Design
  • Weir-Pool-Wall-Pillars Weir-Pool-Wall-Pillars Weir-Pool-Wall-Pillars
  • Pool-Water-Weir-Wall Pool-Water-Weir-Wall Pool-Water-Weir-Wall
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  • Pool-Cabana-Design-Kitchener Pool-Cabana-Design-Kitchener Pool-Cabana-Design-Kitchener
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  • Cabana-Fire-Table Cabana-Fire-Table Cabana-Fire-Table
  • Cabana-Outdoor-Entertaining-KW Cabana-Outdoor-Entertaining-KW Cabana-Outdoor-Entertaining-KW
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  • Cabana-Landscape-Lighting-Flagstone Cabana-Landscape-Lighting-Flagstone Cabana-Landscape-Lighting-Flagstone
  • Landscape-Wall-Planting Landscape-Wall-Planting Landscape-Wall-Planting
  • KW-Pool-Water-Wall-Weir KW-Pool-Water-Wall-Weir KW-Pool-Water-Wall-Weir
  • Flagstone-Pool-Patio Flagstone-Pool-Patio Flagstone-Pool-Patio
  • Custom-Timber-Pool-Trellis Custom-Timber-Pool-Trellis Custom-Timber-Pool-Trellis
  • Custom-Timber-Entrance-Feature Custom-Timber-Entrance-Feature Custom-Timber-Entrance-Feature
  • Pool-Cabana-Natural-Stone Pool-Cabana-Natural-Stone Pool-Cabana-Natural-Stone

Picturesque Paradise

Project Location: Kitchener
Project Type: Pool and Cabana
Completion: 2018

The main goal of this project was to create a backyard pool space for living and entertaining while preserving and complementing the picturesque setting.  The pool was sited to align with the existing living room windows of the house. This vantage point offers spectacular views especially in the evening as you look out over the pool and golf course to the sunset in the distance.

The timber arbors help define the space and provide some scale while framing the view from the pool to the golf course in the backdrop.

There are multiple wall features that tie in with the masonry on the pool house and columns for the timber features.  The wall along the deep end of the pool is equipped with 3 water weirs, which provide a beautiful accent and white noise.  The use of the walls, along with gardens and the timber features shape the space and create a sense of privacy without obscuring the views.

The custom pool house is fully equipped with a kitchen, bar, multiple change rooms, utility room, and an open sitting area with a natural gas fire table. This area was designed to be large enough to entertain large groups of friends and family.

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