Meet Our Team


Earthscape’s team members are dedicated, professionals. They are the heart of our company and put their full effort into their work. The complementary skill set of each employee is what sets our projects apart. Our background and training includes landscape architecture & design, landscape technology, horticultural technology, CAD, carpentry, stone masonry and more.

Our experts are creative thinkers, designers and master craftspeople who work for homeowners who appreciate thoughtful, high-quality design and exceptional workmanship. Landscaping is not just stones, decks and plants. It is the environment that is created for your enjoyment – your escape outside. We are here to make your vision a reality.

  • Earthscape Andrew Hutten bio picture

    Andrew Hutten

    NPD, Hort. Tech., ISA

    landscape foreperson, maintenance manager, arborist, climber

  • Earthscape Chris Enns bio picture

    Chris Enns

    BA, B.Ed.

    landscape operations, communications expert, Japanese Maple tree collector

  • Earthscape Craig Diefenbacher bio picture

    Craig Diefenbacher


    foreperson, strongman, bass singer

  • Earthscape Darryl Wade bio picture

    Darryl Wade


    contract manager, accounting, golfer, chocolate connaisseur

  • Earthscape Dorothy Christiaens bio picture

    Dorothy Christiaens


    office administrator, command central, proud grandma

  • Earthscape Glenn Johnston bio picture

    Glenn Johnston

    MBA, CPA (CMA)

    financial controller, Excel wizard, lover of coffee and camping

  • Earthscape Jamie Baker bio picture

    Jamie Baker


    landscape designer, problem solver, philosopher king

  • Earthscape Jamie Orth bio picture

    Jamie Orth


    landscape designer, human Clydesdale, gym rat

  • Earthscape Jeff Edgar bio picture

    Jeff Edgar


    Toronto site supervisor, sports news junkie

  • Earthscape Jeff Zoer bio picture

    Jeff Zoer


    lead hand, machine master, miles of smiles

  • Earthscape Jenna Bright bio picture

    Jenna Bright


    landscape designer, social media guru, plant lover

  • Earthscape Joe Shorter bio picture

    Joe Shorter


    landscape foreperson, natural stone builder, sandwich affectionado

  • Earthscape Kevin Foster bio picture

    Kevin Foster

    Hort. Tech.

    Toronto operations manager, teacher, sandcastle builder

  • Earthscape Kristine O'Krafka bio picture

    Kristine O'Krafka


    landscape maintenance foreperson, garden manicurist, green thumb

  • Earthscape Laura Bauman bio picture

    Laura Bauman

    B.Com., CPA, CGA

    accountant, general ledger lover, to-do list guru

  • Earthscape Laura Hilliard bio picture

    Laura Hilliard

    BA, MA

    communications/public relations, marketing, yoga poser

  • Earthscape Leah Martin bio picture

    Leah Martin


    HR manager, tech manager, ultimate frisbee champ

  • Earthscape Lisa Van Haastrecht bio picture

    Lisa Van Haastrecht


    landscape designer (currently on parental leave)

  • Earthscape Lucy Brubacher bio picture

    Lucy Brubacher

    Hort Tech apprenctice

    landscape maintenance foreperson, sunshine junkie, animal lover

  • Earthscape Mark Schwarz bio picture

    Mark Schwarz

    P.Eng, Hort. Tech.

    engineering brain, plant lover, "grandpa"

  • Earthscape Monica Jay bio picture

    Monica Jay


    bookkeeper, event planner, cupcake queen

  • Earthscape Nicole Johnston bio picture

    Nicole Johnston


    chief estimator, organization queen, outdoor enthusiast

  • Earthscape Petros Ramlal bio picture

    Petros Ramlal


    landscape designers, urban specialist, vinyl collector

  • Earthscape Richard van de Pol bio picture

    Richard van de Pol

    Hort. Tech.

    landscape foreperson, limitless capability, can-do attitude

  • Earthscape Ryan Kraemer bio picture

    Ryan Kraemer


    fleet manager, landscape lead, music man, weekend farmer

  • Earthscape Sam Bauman bio picture

    Sam Bauman

    Hort. Tech.

    landscape operations manager, efficiency expert, dry stone wall master

  • Earthscape Zac Wolochatiuk bio picture

    Zac Wolochatiuk


    lead landscape designer, project manager, Renaissance man