Landscape Design Process

The landscape design and build process is simple but detailed. Your goals and your vision are actualized as we create a master plan for your landscape. Step by step we will walk you through decisions, offering our professional expertise gleaned from decades of experience. More time spent planning results in a seamless process for building. The highest quality in design, materials and craftsmanship ensure you have no regrets, only happiness and gratitude.

1. Initial Inquiry

Either by phone, email or using our “Book a Consultation” button, you will reach out to us with some background information about your project:

    • the scope (front yard, backyard, both)
    • your location
    • your budget
    • your desired timeline

A member of our team will be in touch with you within three business days.

2. Consultation and Discovery

After reviewing the details provided at your initial inquiry, we will respond to you about collaboration. Not every project is a good fit but if we are a good match, the fun begins!

Guided by our step-by-step process, we begin:

  • we have an on site consultation and discover more about you and your landscape project
  • a design proposal with a price guide will be created for you
  • your acceptance of the design proposal moves the project to the next step (payment required)
3. Design Iterations

Design is a process. Options will be discussed, materials will be evaluated, pros and cons will be assessed. Together we will work through the following stages:

  • in-person design kick off meeting
  • site measurement, site analysis, research
  • concept plan development
  • in-person design presentation meeting
  • design revisions and budgeting
  • construction contract finalized, deposit for construction (payment required)
4. Pre-construction planning

Before we arrive with trucks and excavators, final decisions and preparations must be made. At this step, our leadership will transition from our design team to our construction team. This step involves:

  • finalizing material choices and plant selection
  • permits obtained and working drawings are detailed
  • project management kicks into high gear (schedules confirmed, locates done, specialty trades booked)
5. Construction

Our staff arrive with equipment. Introductions are made to all of our skilled workers and the transformation of your landscape begins. During construction the following will happen:

  • an on-site project kickoff meeting will get things started
  • communication between you and the site foreperson and project manager will occur on an ongoing basis
  • the project and its schedule will be managed and evaluated; any discrepancies will be discussed with you
  • as construction winds down, a pre-completion walk-around will take place with you, the site foreperson and your project manager
6. Project Completion

It is done. Can you believe it? It is on schedule and on budget and is better than you imagined! This is the feedback most often given by our clients. As we pack up to leave your landscape, we will:

  • do a final walk-through to ensure you’re completely satisfied
  • give you a final project completion package
  • ask for your feedback

We genuinely want to know how we did. We can’t promise to be perfect in every way but we want and expect you to be more than completely satisfied.

7. Garden Management

No matter how hard we try to make things low maintenance (when requested, but let’s face it, just about everyone wants low maintenance!), some level of garden management is needed to maintain your investment. Our fine gardening team can create a custom landscape maintenance page to suit your schedule. No obligation is required but we will provide:

  • a longer term strategy and maintenance plan for your landscape
  • a no commitment garden management proposal
  • options for weekly, monthly or seasonal care
  • a walk-around one year after your landscape is complete
Building your dream landscape
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