Landscape Maintenance

Our capabilities go beyond landscape maintenance. Your needs for property management may go beyond landscape maintenance as well. We prefer to describe our services as fine gardening which more broadly, and in greater detail, describe our complete garden management service packages.

Expert Fine Gardeners. Passionate About Landscaping.

Fine Gardening takes your landscape from average to ‘wow’ because our skilled gardeners pay attention to details that might otherwise be overlooked. The finishing touches to your property add polish and a level of manicure that leaves a lasting impression and brings peace and enjoyment. From detailed care of shrubs and flowers to pond maintenance or pruning trees, our passion for landscape maintenance takes jobs off of your to-do list so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor living space.

We promise that the curb appeal of your front yard will increase immensely while your backyard will become an oasis for worry-free entertaining or relaxation and respite.

    Advantages of hiring an expert landscape maintenance company:

    • Attention to detail to give the attractive look of a polished landscape
    • Boost to curb appeal of your property
    • No need to purchase and service landscape tools or lawn care equipment for your property
    • Maximize success and beauty of your landscape upgrade project
    • Expert fertilizing and trimming plants to give you the best blooms possible
    • Preventative landscape maintenance often saves money over the long run

    Maintenance package options:

    • Garden care (bi-weekly)
    • Lawn and Garden care (every week)
    • Spring and Fall season maintenance
    • Property improvement projects throughout the landscape season
    An Earthscape employee pulling out unwanted debris from a garden.

    Garden maintenance for your Property:

    • Trimming and pruning for healthy growth
    • Garden weeding
    • Mulching
    • Fertilizing plants, trees and shrubs for optimal beauty

    Lawn Care for a Healthy, Green Yard:

    • Mowing and edging lawns weekly
    • Weed spraying services
    • Turf building services to improve lawn quality

    Specialized Landscaping Services for your Property:

    • Pool and hardscape maintenance (cleaning and repair of driveways, patios, etc)
    • Creating customized seasonal planter displays
    • Seasonal annuals planting
    • Landscape renovations
    • New perennial, shrub and tree planting or removal
    • Lawn aeration & fertilization
    • Lawn top dressing & overseeding

    Landscape Maintenance Locations:

    Earthscape provides professional fine gardening, lawn care and landscape maintenance service in:

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