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Rusty Revival

Backyard Design

A modernist design solution to working with grade change...

After major home renovations, this residence presented a unique design challenge: to deliver a multi-functional yard while navigating challenging site topography.  With a clear modernist aesthetic, the outdoor space accommodates a variety of uses including cooking, dining and entertaining. 

Image of a garden bed featuring some grasses and some hydrangeas

Previously, the elevated rear property line funnelled surface drainage towards the house. The homeowner wanted a functional patio space, level with the first floor, but the rear of the property needed to be retained at a higher elevation. 

The challenge provided a powerful design opportunity to instantly transform the look and feel of the yard with the use of a striking 18” Corten steel retaining wall. 

Complimented by low-level planting and built-in moss rocks, the feature wall allowed for the installation of a large concrete patio built with epoxy coated rebar for maximum strength. 

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