Landscape Maintenance

Well it’s really more than ‘landscape maintenance.’ We describe our services as garden management. We can be as comprehensive as you would like us to be.   That could mean weekly, monthly or seasonal service, and may include caring for your garden plant material, mechanical systems and/or landscape structures.

We love taking care of the outdoor spaces we’ve created with you. You love the idea of a beautiful and healthy yard, but may not have the time or desire to dig through the ‘dirty’ to maintain it.

Our garden management teams can fully-service your needs with zero worries from you. We have certified landscape technicians, horticulture experts, arborists and turf experts who will keep your gardens looking spectacular and your lawns lush and healthy.

We offer a top rate and full-range of ongoing garden management services, guaranteeing exemplary care for your outdoor environment. Our knowledgeable and dedicated garden management team is happy to advise you on the best care schedule for your plants and hardscape.  Contact us to set up an on-site meeting.


Options for large or small properties:

  • weekly maintenance
  • seasonal maintenance
  • specialized services
  • feature upgrades


Regular service options:

  • lawn cutting and edging
  • garden care and planting
  • leaf and debris removal
  • turf care
  • weeding & pruning
  • mulching
  • fertilization for plant health

Specialized service options:

  • opening/closing services
  • seasonal container displays
  • seasonal annuals planting
  • garden renovations
  • new perennial, shrub and tree planting or removal
  • turf aeration & fertilization
  • turf top dressing & over seeding