Our Line-Up

Earthscape’s dedicated team of professionals is the heart of our company.  The complimentary skill set of every employee is what sets our projects apart. Our background and training bridges landscape architecture & design, engineering, horticulture, landscape technology, CAD, interior design, business, stone masonry, carpentry and more.  If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with us, click here.

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  • Earthscape Mark Schwarz bio picture

    Mark Schwarz

    P.Eng, Hort. Tech.

    leader, engineering brain, playground zany idea guy, plant design

  • Earthscape Sam Bauman bio picture

    Sam Bauman

    Hort. Tech.

    operations manager, efficiency expert, dry stone wall master

  • Earthscape Preston Stringer bio picture

    Preston Stringer


    playground lead, creative thinker, boundary-pusher on ‘play’

  • Earthscape Zac Wolochatiuk bio picture

    Zac Wolochatiuk


    lead landscape designer, project manager, detail man

  • Earthscape Kevin Foster bio picture

    Kevin Foster

    Hort. Tech.

    Toronto operations lead, project manager, consummate professional

  • Earthscape Ben Tolton bio picture

    Ben Tolton

    BES, D.Adv.H.

    wood craftsman, detailed construction designer, sculpture expert

  • Earthscape Bethany Johnson bio picture

    Bethany Johnson

    BA, CPSI

    RFP writer, quotation expert, project manager

  • Earthscape Ben Schwarz bio picture

    Ben Schwarz

    playground installation manager, detailed design, senior handyman

  • Earthscape Dorothy Martin bio picture

    Dorothy Martin

    office administrator, healthy & safety, systems administrator

  • Earthscape Janelle Zwart bio picture

    Janelle Zwart


    playground project manager, designer, hand-sketch expert

  • Earthscape Laura Hilliard bio picture

    Laura Hilliard

    BA, MA

    public relations, marketing, ad-hoc projects

  • Earthscape Ben Brubaker-Zehr bio picture

    Ben Brubaker-Zehr


    business development, US operations, informal tech guy

  • Earthscape Dennis Taves bio picture

    Dennis Taves


    landscape architect, project manager, drainage king

  • Earthscape Anne Gilson bio picture

    Anne Gilson

    BA, MBA, Cert. Landscape Design

    design guru, sketch-up master, design award winner

  • Earthscape Matt Tolton bio picture

    Matt Tolton

    Arch. Millwright

    sculpture fabrication, technical design, shop tool guru

  • Earthscape Monica Jay bio picture

    Monica Jay

    bookkeeper, office administrator, number cruncher

  • Earthscape Isaac Bauman bio picture

    Isaac Bauman

    installation foreman, wood handyman, jack-of-all-trades

  • Earthscape Calvin McGrogan bio picture

    Calvin McGrogan

    skilled stone worker, right-hand-man

  • Earthscape Randy Bauman bio picture

    Randy Bauman

    log jam guru, part-time student, junior handy man

  • Earthscape Josh Kroezen bio picture

    Josh Kroezen

    fine wood carpenter, creative thinker, mr. reliable

  • Earthscape Dwayne Metzger bio picture

    Dwayne Metzger

    machine operator, dump truck driver, unofficial safety rep

  • Earthscape Alex Weber bio picture

    Alex Weber

    playground installer, strong man, favourite colleague

  • Earthscape Craig Diefenbacher bio picture

    Craig Diefenbacher

    lead hand, problem solver, tall man, singer

  • Earthscape Geoff Rhebergen bio picture

    Geoff Rhebergen

    BA, B.Ed.

    playground shop foreman and supply chain organizer, problem solver

  • Earthscape Marcus Clemmer bio picture

    Marcus Clemmer

    Toronto lead hand, favourite co-worker, team motivator

  • Earthscape Michael Larsen bio picture

    Michael Larsen

    playground installation foreman, common sense safety man, at-heights rigger